Specialised contact lenses

If you suffer with poor vision, wearing glasses every day can feel like a nuisance. Frustratingly, they often need to be removed during sporting activities, leaving you at a disadvantage.

You may also prefer not to wear them for cosmetic reasons. Contact lenses provide complete freedom from glasses, allowing you to go about your day, unencumbered. In some cases, people even experience clearer sight with contact lenses, than with glasses.
We fit a comprehensive range of contact lens designs, in a variety of high quality materials, to meet the needs of our patients. These include:

Soft lens / RGP / Scleral / Hybrid

Each design is available in a range of contact lens specifications, including:

• Contact lenses for single vision

• Contact lenses for Astigmatism

• Contact lenses for Presbyopia or multifocal (distance/ intermediate and near sighted lenses, to meet your individual needs)

• Contact lenses for Irregular Corneas (for example, to help those with Keratoconus or patients of corneal graft or post refractive surgery)

Prices from £25


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