Orthokeratology & Myopia control

Myopia (or ‘short-sightedness’) is a common eye condition in patients of all ages. If you experience Myopia, close objects will appear crisp but objects in the distance will look blurry.

If you struggle with the condition you may have considered measures like refractive surgery, to eliminate the need for glasses or contact lenses. Of course, like all surgery, procedures like this do carry a degree of risk.
 Fortunately, there is another option, Orthokeratology.

What is Orthokeratology ( or Ortho-K) ?

 Orthokeratology (or ‘Ortho-K’) is a revolutionary method of overnight vision correction and Myopia control. It is a safe, reversible alternative to laser surgery, which uses specially designed contact lenses to gently reshape the surface of the eye.

How does it works?

You simply insert a pair of Ortho-K contact lenses before bed, which gently alter the curvature of your corneas, while you sleep. In the morning, you remove the lenses and enjoy clear, sharp vision throughout the day.

Does it works in Children ?

Ortho-K is fantastic for children !

Numerous studies on myopia and ortho-k have indicated that theses lenses can dramatically slow, even stop, the progression of short-sightedness in children. Subsequently they can reduce the risk of developing assoicated problems associated problems, such as glaucoma, in adulthood.

Myopia can be particularly problematic for young children. Unlike adults, youngsters often lose or break their glasses, which can be very costly to replace. Glasses can also be an encumbrance for children who enjoy sports, making them feel held-back or left out. Ortho-K lenses provide children with freedom from glasses. Whilst the lenses won’t reduce a child’s Myopia, they will slow down its progression during those important early years.

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