Eye examination

Eye examination

Your eyes are your windows to the world, so keeping them healthy is extremely important. That is why we recommend you get an eye examination every two years. We will check for things that the naked eye can’t see. So even if everything feels normal, it is worth booking a routine appointment, just to make sure.

Free NHS Eye Examination

Eligible eye care patients can access a free NHS examination. The eligibility criteria include patients receiving certain types of benefits and people with specific eye conditions, Diabetes or a family history of Glaucoma. If you meet the criteria, you can book your free NHS examination, or children’s eye examination, here at Oval Eyes. If you are not eligible, we would still highly recommend booking a private examination, to ensure your eyes are kept healthy.

To learn more and to find out whether you qualify for the free NHS examination, or children’s eye examination click here.

Or to book a private examination Contact us here